Leadership Talks Notes by William Elmore

Speaker: Matt Gillan

July 18, 2012. Conshohocken Marriott

Always come into a meeting knowing what you want. Framing your life: Life has stages. Look at the big picture. We are all on the clock. Set of morals. (principles) Matt Gillan: founder of eCount. Don't waste your time. Don't join the masses. Ask what if. Any idea that comes across your mind, take action. The people that preceded you, love to help you. Only one way to be successful: Hard work. Always value people. Be willing to ask for help. Be willing to jump into uncharted water. Culture is important. Anything is possible. Don't let your spirits break. Humility is the most important trait. Life will never be the same. Don't chase the money, the game is overcoming adversity. Don't fear what you can't control. Take competition seriously. Don't let competition cripple you. Take an interest in your people. Be driven. Worry about what you can control. Death teaches. Remember the little things, the simple moments, they matter, they count, and they are endlessly important. Speaker:

Speaker: Bill Giles

The lattice between ability and capacity is bridged by determination. Do menial jobs well, and you'll become great. Be a good people person. Don't complain. Do what you're passionate about. Hard work- diligence- assiduousness- determination. Without honesty, you'll never make it. Sometimes the most important decisions in life are left up to chance. Don't do it for the money, never. The right mental attitude is critical. Look for upside. Love what you do. Fight to be the best. Work hard, play hard. (have fun) Nothing in life is coincidence.

Speaker: Eustace Wolfington

You'll never find another group like this. Be nice to old people. Take opportunity. Never worry about money. Don't forget anyone. Be sincere. Life is a hairs breadth. Do what you do, better than anyone else. Take your dreams, and make them tangible. Always choose the narrow gate, the wide gate leads to destruction. Respect others beliefs, while following your own. Little decisions make the future. Good people make things work. Strive for experience, not money. Gain profound knowledge.

Speaker: Brian O'Neil.

"Only you decide when the game is over." "Fear is generated by despair, despair by lack of hope, and lack of hope by lack of plan." Be fearless, have a plan. Exit back analysis- take your goal, and work back to where you stand now. "If it's gonna be, it's up to me."- focus on what you do right. Use your opponent against them. In their strength is where they are weakest. Define the whole success. Get off the track sometimes. Set yourself apart- "Unique Selling Proposition" Strive for excellence. You're not the only one in the ring. Whacker factor- 50% Not enough. 35% just enough. 15% More than enough. Can't fake positivity. Motivation. "The compounding of a multiplicity of actions are more important than a large move."

Speaker: Carol Wolfington

Patience. No stress. No hate. Smile at the negativity. Listen. No anger. Think deeply. Whackers never go away. Live sans regret. Age like wine- get finer with age. Take advantage of wisdom. Confidence. Stay pure. Relax. Make life special. Make relationships special. Communicate. Exchange. Focus. Look at the past, but do not dwell. Appreciate everything. Make an effort. Have a vision.

Speaker: Frank Wolfington

High expectations No nonsense. Great character. "Hold yourself accountable." Your time is limited. Hard work, put in the time. "If you really want it, make it happen."

Speaker: Bruce Eichner From a perspective of opportunity, we can do anything. Do the work. Find people to ignite your passion. Read things, we have all the tools. See a need, fill a need. Have a vision. Follow your ideas. Be engaged. No one comes and gives opportunity. Find what you like, and what you're good at. Have older friends. Business and personal life are totally intertwined. You don't know what you don't know. Find information on your ideas. Like yourself. Be committed. Be motivated. Live in reality. Apply yourself. Make useful relationships. Take risks. Desire success, don't succeed out of fear of failure. Ask questions. Don't fear bad decisions, fear uninformed decisions. The world is not collinear, connect the dots to succeed. Figure life out, one day at a time. Be open minded. Write. Make lists. Check your competition. Solve for "x", find what "x" is. Find someone to talk to about life. Live life learning from informed decisions. Learn from the past. Don't look for affirmation, look for facts. The world will not change for you. Be reflective. Every day is an opportunity for a do-over. Do things differently.

Speaker: Kathy Lee Gifford

Throw your stone. You are capable of doing great things. If you have a pulse, you have a purpose. Nothing is accidental. Don't be an imitation.

Speaker: Agnes Gillian

Importance of faith, Family, Waiting to start a relationship.

Speaker: Eustace Mita (FoundedPenske)

Importance of family. Be aware. Notice distractions. Be willing to be led. Find your passion. Get ahead. Perseverance. Your siblings are your best friends. Books, people, and goals are very important. What can I learn from people? Think and grow rich, must read. The greatest salesman in the world, must read. As a man thinketh, must read. How to win friends and influence people, must read. "Today I will begin anew." "greet this day with love." "Today I will master my emotions." "I will live this day as if it is my last, I shall bottle it up, careful not to spare a drop on the sands of time." Don't fall to stinking thinking. You are your minds gatekeeper. Don't beat dat bitch. Forget the past. Life is too short to waste time.

Speaker: Sean Wolfington

Envision yourself as a greyhound, they spend their entire lives chasing a plastic rabbit. What would happen if they were to finally catch it? Would they realize their entire existence was spent chasing a lie? Or would those bolts and wires in the rabbit tear their mouths? And how different is this pursuit of a plastic rabbit from human's pursuit of monetary, shallow success? Don't spend your life chasing unfulfilling plastic rabbits. Being the king of the caterpillars, doesn't change the fact that you're still a caterpillar.

Speaker: Chris Wolfington

"Bread of life" Selflessness Recognition is the 1st step to change. No distractions. Progress, not perfection. Do not worship out of fear. Don't live with regret. Accept criticism. "Why not me?" Every step you take leaves footprints in the sand for others to follow. "A committee of one is no committee." It's never too late to change. Solve problems you don't have. Life is about depth. You can't lie to yourself. Be at peace with yourself. "One is too many, and a thousand isn't enough." Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it's the present. Shame is toxic. Success is a mental state. Fear is a scary, crazy, toxic emotion. Fear is a lie. "98% of my fears never actually happen." What other people think of me, is none of my business. Don't let your insecurities drive your life car. Feelings aren't right or wrong, they just are. Do your best each day, but be weary of what that is.

Speaker: Bill O'Grady

All about education. Life is a filter. "Coming Apart" Rift between top 5% and bottom 20%. Control your own destiny. Fear is a motivator. Importance of a strong family structure. No substitute for intellect. You are important. Success is up to you. Give it personal effort. Look to the past, change the future.