PROGRAM powered by Inspiring Children Foundation 

With five players reaching #1 in America, seven reaching top 3, twenty top 10, seven playing professional tennis, and all of them earning college scholarships, we are motivated most by the type of person our alumni turn out to be. We make a point of developing the whole athlete so they are emotionally, mentally and physically strong enough to master all areas of their lives - so in the end they understand how to be happy, inspired and self-motivated. This is paramount for a player to be able to execute on the amount of tennis and work it takes to be great.

The Academy trains hundreds of youth every year – 95% of the children who complete the full-time program have gone on to be so skilled and accomplished in academics and athletics that they earned and were given college scholarships from prestigious universities such as: Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Georgetown University, Harvard, USC, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania-Wharton School of Business, Vanderbilt, United States Air Force, The Citadel, Villanova, Williams College, and many others.


Children can be part of our Elite TEAM BRYAN tennis & travel team, in collaboration with the #1 tennis team in history Bob and Mike Bryan. In the tradition of their father Wayne Bryan, we help athletes discover and excel in their passions,  fueling their over all inspiration. We know “Parents make it possible,” as they are often the most passionate and supportive advocates for a students growth. We collaborate with parents and parent coaches to create a partnership with our team to develop a plan best for each child’s pursuit of excellence. TEAM BRYAN travels to all the national championships, the US Open, some ITF’s, level 2 and 3 nationals, and all sectionals in the Intermountain Section. We host six national tournaments at our facility limiting the need to travel significantly. Our Foundation partner runs 2 national level tournaments and is the recipient of an ATP & WTA wild card event for pro tournaments. 


Our “Psychology for life” program, coupled with our high performance training, is extremely effective in helping athletes close the gap on how they feel in practice and how they play in competition. Our system helps athletes to re-discover their innate passion and appreciation for life, so they can be self-starting and self-reliant leaders.  We recognize the reality that with high performance sports and academics comes high performance pressure, anxiety and constructive errors. Our curriculum helps athletes learn how to transform yesterday’s losses into tomorrow’s victory. 


Elite athletes and high performing individuals must schedule and program their own rest, recovery and fun just as seriously as their training; if they want to avoid burnout, injury and stress. High performance training must be from an inspired state of mind, not a stressful one. By using sports psychology, yoga, sleep science, hydration and nutrition, physical therapy, proper use of strength training and fitness, massage, and scheduled rest and fun time, we are able to keep high performance living highly enjoyable and less stressful. Unlike many programs our children almost never get burned out or lose the passion for tennis, academics and life. In fact we have been a destination where burnt out players have come to be given new tools and the psychology that reinvigorates their passion for tennis and their life’s purpose. 


Through our relationship with the Inspiring Children Foundation we provide a leadership program and internship. The leadership program provides athletes with a "psychology for life," with the goal of changing the athletes mindset, to help them deeply appreciate their opportunities, and give their best in everything they do. Through mentoring, entrepreneurial skills, Mindfulness, project-driven learning, sports and "earning their own way," youth discover the confidence that comes from self-sufficiency and right choices.  The program is designed to go deeper into the subjects of life, character development, excellence, and the pursuit of happiness. The long-term goal is to inspire children to become "professionals at life," to find peace of mind, so that as leaders and examples of extraordinary living, they can share this wisdom with their families, friends and subsequently their community. By creating the ultimate environment for youth development, this program has become nationally recognized and awarded. 


The Academy was co-founded by Tim Blenkiron and Ryan Wolfington fifteen years ago as a remedy to the countless children who were digressing by leaving home to go to academies elsewhere. Blenkiron and Wolfington wanted to create a safer and healthier alternative that developed top tennis players, and extraordinary academic leaders who demonstrate strong character, kindness and heroic attitudes. Both had significant experience finding these traits within themselves, realizing that a high performance mindset is not something you are born with but something that can be developed, and is just as important as developing ones serve, forehand or fitness skills. 

Further, knowing athletes perform better when they are on top of all aspects of their lives, the academy emphasizes giving ones best, hard work and an amazing attitude in all things. This has resulted in players who normally never took their academics seriously ending up getting all A’S, then using their tennis and better grades to get into the top universities in the world. 

SHORT TERM RESULTS: 115 college scholarships, including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Georgetown, UNLV, Villanova, Vanderbilt, Williams, Vassar, Point Loma and many more. 

500 + state titles -

122 Sectional titles -

65 national titles - 

15 National Championship titles - 

10 International titles & finals - 

7 Pro finals/ titles - 

...and counting.

100 students achieved all A’s -

35 students reached #1 in their class - 

15 Valedictorians  -

14 student government in college -

65 made captain of college team 

35 players reached top 25 ranking in the nation

20 reached top 10 -

8 reached top 5 - 

7 reached top 3 -

5 reached #1 -

6 played US OPEN


100% of graduates earned college scholarship offers and the confidence that comes with it. 

All players are given and many develop the emotional intelligence and mindset to become psychologically strong and the best they can be in all aspects of life. 

All children are given the mentoring, meeting mindfulness, entrepreneur skills, project driven learning and bigger than life opportunities to learn from the best leaders in multiple fields, with a focus on peace of mind, happiness and real success. 

Most importantly, the program has created countless meaningful moments, relationships and life changing experiences.