Marty Hennessy

Marty Hennessy, co-founder and our namesake, has been involved in tennis and mentoring children for most of his life. Marty's accomplishments as a collegiate player at BYU and as a professional player are numerous. Even more numerous is the amount of lives he has improved through his caring and compassionate teaching style. Nearly anyone that has played tennis in Las Vegas and beyond knows Marty. While we could go on, we believe this video, made to commemorate his recent lifetime achievement award from the Intermountain section for service, better summarizes the impact Marty has had than anything we can write here.

The David Freed Lifetime Achievement Award is given from time to time to an individual for lifetime service to tennis within the USTA Intermountain Section. This award was first introduced in 1988 and given to David Freed of Salt Lake City, Utah. David served as Intermountain’s Secretary and Treasurer for 39 years from 1936-1975. Marty received it in 2013.