Inspire children through mentoring, education, and entrepreneurship, and equipping them with life skills and the ability to earn a college scholarship.


All of our programs are built around instilling our ten principles in each child so they can live a healthier, happier, and overall better life.

"Attitude is Everything"

At the end of the day attitude is what counts, and giving 100% no matter the circumstance is a victory, regardless of the outcome.

"Healthy Diet"

If you eat right, you will feel right, and everything else will come easier.

"Earn Your Success"

Earning your success and your opportunities builds character, creates appreciation, establishes a strong work ethic, increases confidence, and is critical for establishing a strong personal foundation for the future. Handouts are not found here.

"Stay Calm"

In life many different challenges will arise, whether athletic, academic, personal or otherwise, often the best and most effective response is a calm and measured one. 

"Positive Social Life"

You are who you hang out with, and many times a child's social group is the first step in his downfall. Thus, while a social life is important, doing it the right way is essential. We do it the right way.

"Let Go of Anger"

At times anger is inevitable, but letting go of that anger and frustration is paramount to building a healthy and successful attitude.

"Great Grades"

Grades are not life and death, but they are important. We instill that mindset in all of our youth. And so far, the results speak for themselves.

"Reading and Writing for Intelligence"

Reading and writing equates to more than just a grade. Intelligence comes directly from reading and writing, and it is how you build your interests and your intellect for the future.


Honesty applies on and off the court with parents, opponents, and coaches. Through day-to-day interaction we show our youth the benefit of honest and direct communication.

"No Quit"

In life something tries to get us to quit in the form of frustration or giving up - our "No Quit" theme teaches children that if they never give up, they will never fail.


These are the goals that we as an organization strive to live by on a daily basis.

  • Create a pathway for children in need to receive the best possible mentoring, athletic, and educational training possible.

  • Establish a far reaching leadership program that can introduce our programs to as many children as possible, while also offering a high performance element which enables children to achieve a college scholarship, if they choose to do so.

  • Develop leaders of the world who are kind, hard working, competitive, and close to conscience.

  • Identify and welcome a diverse group of children to our programs.

  • Educate each family on our program, our requirements, our expectations and how it can benefit them.

  • Create the ultimate environment where children are active, inspired to get great grades, motivated by a positive social life, and armed with life skills to help them be successful in all areas of life.

  • Form a safe and inspirational environment to keep children off the streets, on the court and in the classroom, while making it fun and rewarding.

  • Inspire the children to be the best they can be, to appreciate and thank our supporters and to make the most of their unique opportunity.

  • Instill independence and confidence in the children by giving them the tools to find greatness in themselves.

  • Create an all encompassing program that addresses every need of a child’s development including but not limited to: the highest quality athletic training; the tools and resources to be successful in the classroom; positive social life by implementing a full schedule; mentors and inspirational speakers that will inspire them to see all the possibilities for their lives; a healthy diet and nutrition schedule; how to stay positive with family members, friends and oponents; how to avoid the false fun of drugs, alcohol and the party life, but instead see the joy of working hard, being responsible and being kind towards others.

  • Recruit and maintain the best coaching, tutoring and administrative staff with the understanding that great people can make great things happen.

  • Seek out contributors both intellectually and financially supportive of our mission.

  • Educate, inspire and thank our donors and staff.

  • Develop a pathway so any child that wishes to, can obtain a college scholarship for tennis or academics.

  • Implement in all of our programs a sensitivity to diversity, character and attitude.

  • Arm the children with life skills and experiences that will help them succeed in a variety of areas.