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Tim Blenkiron elected Intermountain Board President

Congratulations to our Board member and longtime supporter Tim Blenkiron on being elected to serve as the 2015-2016 Intermountain Tennis Association Board President! Intermountain released the following press release:

Blenkiron, a former UNLV tennis alum who won the NCAA Championship in 1997, is the current Executive Director of the No Quit Tennis Academy in Las Vegas, and has coached numerous junior, adult and professional players, including American WTA player Asia Muhammad.

"As we move forward with our strategic plan, it is a huge benefit to be able to turn to Tim's expertise and incredible leadership skills on and off the court," said USTA Intermountain Executive Director Rob Scott. "I'm confident Tim will make enormous contributions to our organization as we continue to support and develop new community tennis programs and strengthening our partnerships in the industry. Tim's professionalism is second to none."

In 2010, Blenkiron was selected as an elite National USTA coach to run a USTA Regional Training Center. He also spent six  years as the Head Pro at Canyon Gate Country Club where he caught the eyes of tennis great Andre Agassi who recruited him to run the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation Tennis Program. Tim's work at the Andre Agassi Boys and Girls Club has been recognized in numerous media outlets including Fox Sports and the Tennis Channel. The program he created resulted in over 20 nationally ranked players, eight of which became Top 25 in the U.S.

ITA Winter Masters Results!

Congratulations to all of our players that placed in the top 6 of the ITA Winter Masters Sectional Championships!  The Winter Masters ran from January 16-20, 2015, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

B12 Chase Kasday, 4th; Rua Elmore 5th
G14 Kenadee Semenil, Finalist; Madison Moffat 6th
B14 Michael Pasimio, Champion; Blake Kasday, 3rd; 
Michael Safbom 4th. 
B16 Dylan Levitt, Champion; Noah Dufort 3rd; Stefan Lalovic 4th
G16 Audrey s. Boch-Collins Finalist; Sophie Henderson, 5th
G18 Samantha Martinelli, Champion; Nicole Kalhorn 3rd
B18 Clayton Alenik, 3rd 

B12 Chase Kasday-Hartman, Finalists; 
G14 Kenadee Semenik-Turner Finalists; Selena Williams- Wilson Semi-Finalists
B14 Michael Pasimio-Bottcelli Finalists; Blake Kasday-Lemolov Semi-Finalists
G16 Sophie Henderson- Del Rosario Finalists; 
B16 Dylan Levitt-Hillis, Champions
G18 Samantha Martinelli-Nicole Kalhorn, Champions: Chelsea Crovetti-Carlton, Finalists
B18 Clayton Alenik- MikoPasimio, Semi-Finalists

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