Laurie Steed Letter to McKay Novak

Mckay –

I can’t tell you how much your heartfelt letter means to me.  So many people think that “successful business people” have everything?, but we go through the same personal struggles daily –often times on a much larger scale.   

It’s letter’s like this from someone like you, coming out of nowhere –that helps me put into perspective what I work so hard for everyday seem worth it. 

I have motivational quote’s all over my office – to keep me inspired – one I look at as I walk in & leave is:

When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for long in the first place.

I never had positive mentors growing up or the financial resources to go to college. 

I find it incredibly rewarding to know that I’ve in some small way helped a young person make, their life a little easier or helped in a small way to give them some tools to get a better education so that they might be able to have a better life. 

I’ve never in my life known anyone like Ryan who gives so much of their personal time & energy towards helping others.  So many people can offer cash donations, but to put their personal time, energy, is beyond any person I’ll ever meet.

It’s knowing that individuals like you realize what the Foundation has done to help them & will continue to help others, makes it all work & will continue to work to help so many others.

I can’t thank you enough for sending this letter.  Your letter has brought tears to me & inspired me when I really needed it. 

You have your whole life ahead and are fortunate to have the wonderful foundation “family” always with you –

You are an amazing young girl & the foundation is fortunate to have you in it for so many years helping others.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.