Foundation Youth & Alumni at Merion Cricket Club, just outside Philadelphia, PA.

Foundation Youth & Alumni at Merion Cricket Club, just outside Philadelphia, PA.

Wolfington Family East Coast Leadership Tour, ‘18

Wrapping up an absolutely iconic 2018 Wolfington Family East Coast Leadership Tour & Alumni US Open Tour which included 22 students, 3 cities and 12 amazing Leadership Speakers. 

Over the past 3 weeks, we have had the opportunity to speak with and receive wisdom from some of the greatest minds in business, entertainment, and sports. We are also incredibly grateful to the Necker Cup team for allowing the Inspiring Children Foundation to take part in the One World Player’s Party at the One World Trade Center. 

The mentorship, leadership, and inspirational breakthroughs made over the span of this trip have been incredible, and the highlights were plentiful. We would like to thank each of our speakers for taking the time to impart their wisdom, and share their respective paths to fulfillment, and let all know that our results would not be possible without the involvement of these marvelous people. 

Leadership Speakers:

Eustace Mita- Penske, First Republic Bank Founder, Chairman & CEO of ICONA Resorts

Eustace Wolfington- Half-a-Car Founder 

David Sokol- Former CEO of Netjets & Midamerican Energy Holdings

Trevor Short - Co-Founder of the Necker Cup

Rahul Kadakia- Jewelry Department Chair, Christies Auction House

Scott Nussbaum- Head of 20th Century & Contemporary Art, New York Phillips Auction House

Dick Vitale- ESPN Broadcaster, Author

Eric Kussin- Founder, CEO, We’re All a Little Crazy Foundation

Raf Mercado- Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs

Kate Chamberlain- Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs

Fran Dunphy- Head Coach, Temple University Basketball

Phil Martelli- Head Coach, St. Joseph’s University Basketball

Alumni Participants:

Aphrah Brokaw- Villanova University

Ava Frazier- Belmont University

Katarina Sta Cruz- Concordia College

Ricky Sypert- UNLV

Clayton Alenik- UNLV

Nicole Kalhorn- Princeton University

Samantha Martinelli- Yale

Victoire Saperstein- Georgetown

Anuja Daulat- UTexas

Sophie Henderson- Georgetown

Chloe Henderson- Williams

William Elmore- Villanova University

Jonah Wafula- George Fox University

Youth Participants:

Cherrial Odell

Alejandro Quiles

Jade Quintana

Blake Kasday

Erin Wilson

Sara Blenkiron 

Selena Williams

Abigail Desiatnikov