We inspire children through mentoring, education, and tennis. What does that mean?

It is difficult to explain. It is much easier to explain what we do not do. We do not encourage success on the tennis court at the expense of all else. We do not encourage studying all day every day and never going outside. We do not say it is okay to fail in school and not try on the tennis court because you are nice.

So what do we do? We attempt to instill our philosophy in each and every child that enters our program.  It is an holistic approach that targets attitude, athletics, education, habits, and decision making.

First, this is done through a focus on mentoring. Our mentoring program runs the gamut. It is intertwined with everything we do. We also have specific events which are focused primarily on mentoring, like our leadership breakfasts and our leadership retreats. But, the culture of our organization is the most critical ingredient to mentorship focus. The culture of our program, which has developed over time, is for the older generation and the alumni to always look out for the best interest of the younger generation. Sometimes the best mentoring can come from someone who was in a similar situation just a year or two ago and overcame it.

Second, this is done through a focus on education. Education for school and self-education are both critical to anyone's development. Education truly is the best vehicle for changing one's life. Thus, a major part of our program is focused on the children maintaining a high GPA and doing well in school. We have developed a unique culture in regards to school. The cool kid is no longer the one skipping class smoking cigarettes, it is the one getting straight A's that is going to manage his own business one day. But just as critical as doing well in school is self-educating. Self-educating means reading books for fun, not because a teacher told you to, and learning by experience. To help the self-educating process we expose the children to cultural events like Broadway plays and museums. Just like running builds endurance, keeping your mind active and engaged builds intelligence. We also offer, SAT prep courses and tutoring so our children have everything at their fingertips in order to succeed academically. 

Lastly, this is done through a focus on tennis. Tennis is truly a sport for a lifetime, and sometimes athletics, especially individual sports, where you are out there all by yourself, can teach you life's most important lessons. Not giving up, working hard through adversity, and having an amazing attitude every day. Tennis is a perfect sport for these lessons, and that is why we greatly support and endorse the sport. It is also a lot of fun and a great workout. And while our program has had tremendous success on the court developing players as high as number 1 in the country, our focus is not on chasing ranking points, or winning at all costs. We are focused on the journey-working hard every day, eating right, having an amazing attitude-because if you nail the journey, success is inevitable.


Now you are probably thinking, how, when and where do you do this?

We are made up of various programs. While all the principals are taught throughout all of our programs, some are more involved with us than others. For example our Internship program is a year long trial by fire experience, normally done by someone during a post-grad year (a year off between high school and college) in which they work with our founder Ryan Wolfington on a daily basis and bring to life many of the programs and events reflected on these pages. We also have programs like once-a-week free tennis clinics and roaming tennis classes at public schools. Many of our programs take place all over the Las Vegas valley, but through our exchange programs we have had people join us from as far away as Ukraine.

So that is what we do and how we do it in a nutshell. Please browse the tabs above to learn more about our individual programs, our past events, and everything else we do.