What We Do

The Foundation's goal is to provide the ultimate environment for a child to become their best in all areas of life, including: academics, athletics, interpersonal skills, leadership, and character development. We hope to arm our youth with the tools to grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and in their relationships with themselves, their family members and others.

Our program is designed to go deeper into the subjects of life, excellence, success and the pursuit of happiness. In the end, our long term goal is to help our youth become professionals in life, and to find peace of mind, so they can share this wisdom with their family, friends and communities as leaders and examples of extraordinary living.


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Educational Programs

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Leadership Programs


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Straight A's Club

When it comes to college, grades matter. Our Straight A's Club provides incentives and trips to children who maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. Although we recognize the value of less conventional methods of education, that does not mean we do not value success in the classroom. We have reversed the culture from most schools, here skipping class and doing poorly is not cool, and giving 100 percent to getting straight A's is always in style. 



1600 SAT Prep 

Practice makes perfect. Our 1600 SAT Prep program helps our youth prepare for the SAT and other standardized tests so they can ace them and reach the college of their dreams. Our SAT tutoring, courtesy of 1600 SAT Prep, gives our youth the opportunity to get a great score. Additionally, we provide college scholarship seminars, and college placement counseling so our youth know all their options.



Book Club

Reading is power. Our Book Club program collects powerful pieces of literature and distributes them among our youth, so they can learn from people that they might never have the chance to meet. We have an esoteric collection ranging from biographies to business guides. And because so many of our children are well read, our library continues to grow.




Chinese Tutoring

The world is shrinking, and our Chinese Tutoring program helps prepare our youth for the ever changing global landscape. Possessing knowledge of different cultures and languages will be more and more critical as time passes, and engaging in that type of study is better done sooner rather than later.



Jr. Tutors

You do not truly know something until you can teach it to someone else. Our Jr. Tutors program is all about the older generation helping out the younger generation. The impact on the younger generation is obvious, they get the chance to interact with a role model, while perfecting the subjects they are having trouble with. While less obvious, the impact on the older generation is equally profound. They get the chance to re-learn some of the old lessons they may have forgot, the chance to learn how to teach, and the chance to be a role model. Priceless experience.




Educational Breakfasts

Our Educational Breakfasts bring in various speakers, including doctors, lawyers, CEOs, and politicians to discuss with our youth what it takes to be happy and successful in life. 



Event Production

Running an event is challenging, rewarding, and exhilarating. It also teaches responsibility, work ethic, and real life skills. Our Event Production program gives our youth the opportunity to learn these skills. Naturally, there are different levels of involvement. A younger child might help in a small aspect of an event. But as you progress you can take on more responsibility. For example, our BNP Indian Wells Pro Tennis trip, a 250 person weekend long event, is youth organized and ran. The possibilities are endless.




Marketing is an integral part of all business and professions. Our Marketing program gives our youth an opportunity to learn about this valuable skill before it even crosses many children's minds. It gives them the opportunity to explore new interests, learn new skills, and develop confidence.




Entrepreneurship is about more than starting a business. It is a mindset for delving into the unknown and conquering seemingly insurmountable challenges. Our Entrepreneurship program gives our youth the opportunity to get this invaluable experience before anyone else. For example, in 2013, two youth teams were tasked with competing to raise money and judged upon a 15 point criteria including creativity and teamwork. The results were mind blowing. The teams raised over $80,000 and gained life experiences that many others will not even have the chance to obtain till they are 25 or 30. 



Jr. Coaches

Coaching gives someone the chance to master their craft while helping the younger generation. Our Jr. Coaches program gives our youth that very opportunity. It gives them the chance to work on skills like public speaking, professionalism, and customer service, while also learning more about their sport.



Jr. Journalist

Being able to write clearly and concisely is a great skill. Our Jr. Journalist program gives our youth the chance to learn this while exploring the exciting field of journalism. They get to write articles for this website and many local, regional, and national tennis publications. It also gives them a positive and productive hobby to do in their down time so they do not partake in the many destructive hobbies of their peers.  



Video Production

Filming and creating high quality videos is part art part science. Our Video Production program is an opportunity for our youth to attempt and master this modern form of artistic expression. All of our videos are children produced, and they include promotional videos for events, trip highlight reals, and many more. We have most of the equipment to help any child get started in this exciting endeavor.



Nutrition Counseling

When you eat right, you feel right. Our Nutrition Counseling program is all about educating our youth so they can make the right food choices so they can maximize their physical and mental powers. We discuss the negatives of soda and junk food from a common sense and scientific perspective and help our youth migrate towards better food choices.


Drugs/Alcohol Education

Besides creating an environment where drugs and alcohol are shunned, we also educate our youth so when they go to college and beyond they know the potential danger these vices may pose. Its not a matter of extreme discipline or otherwise, it is all about being informed, knowing the potential consequences, and making the right choices.




Attitude Counseling

Attitude is everything. And just like anything else, perfecting your attitude takes careful, time consuming practice. But once you have a true no quit-always give 100 percent attitude, nothing can stop you. Our Attitude Counseling program provides mentoring, discussions, and feedback so you can get on the path to the perfect attitude.



Mental Toughness Training

Adversity will come, it is how you handle it that matters. Our Mental Toughness Training program helps our youth be ready to face adversity whether in athletics, academics, or life. Tough times happen, but someone that is mentally tough will always persevere.



Relationship Counseling

Relationships, whether with friends or significant others are important, but they can be difficult. Our Relationship Counseling program educates our youth so they can avoid the toxic relationships that are all too common today. 




We just don't read out principles and hope our youth take them in. Our principles are passed down through our Mentoring program. We mentor children's character so they can achieve their maximum potential. It is our primary focus.



Jr. Mentors 

We also empower our younger children to serve as mentors to our youngest. Giving them this opportunity helps them really take in the principles and make them their own. 



Inspirational Film 

Movies are more than just entertainment. Our Inspirational Film program opens our youth's eyes to great films. Powerful films can inspire, educate, and motivate. Too much time is wasted watching worthless films. We watch the good ones. 



Positive Social Life

Just hanging out is important. It helps you relax and bond with your friends. Our Positive Social Life program, one of our most important programs, helps our youth learn the right way to just hang out. Youth are faced with a negative social life every weekend or the alternative of boredom. Positive Social Life fights both these issues but creating opportunities for our youth to do activities like concerts, plays, camping, soccer, basketball, dancing, karaoke, rafting, swimming, golf, banquets, museums, movie nights, and dinners. By occupying a child's down-time with fun activities, in a positive environment, they get a break from school and tennis and learn how to enjoy life the right way.



Free Parks Class

Our Free Parks Class  spreads our impact by introducing our message and tennis to hundreds of children on a monthly basis. For more information on the times and location of our Free  Parks Class please Contact Us.



Free Schools Class

Like our Free Parks Class, our Free Schools Class, brings tennis to hundreds of children on a monthly basis. It is a rotating program that visits a variety of schools in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson areas.



Tournament Team

Our Tournament Team program is the next step after our Free Schools and Free Parks programs. Once a child begins to excel and really embrace our principles we start supporting them in their tournaments and training. Often this goes hand and hand with participating in our other programs, like our Life Training programs and at least one of our Project Driven Learning programs. 



Travel Team

The next step is our Travel Team. The Travel Team program includes all the aspects of the Tournament Team program, but also involves traveling to Intermountain and even National tournaments. To get a college scholarship for tennis children have to play national tournaments to receive a national ranking. Through our negotiated deals with hotels and restaurants we maximize donation dollars to make this happen.



Leadership Development

The Leadership Development program is our second highest level program. Over 95%of its graduates have earned a college scholarship. Admittance is earned by showing a dedication to our principles. Academic excellence is essential and participation in all of our Life Training programs and some of our Project Driven Learning programs is required. Our Leadership Trips and Educational Breakfasts are also an essential part of our Leadership Development program. Our Leadership Development program alumni have gone on to tennis teams at schools like Villanova, Harvard, BYU, NC State, and Georgetown.



The Internship 

The Internship program is our highest level program. Traditionally, it is a one year program completed by children during a post-graduate year - a year after graduating high school and before going to college. Many of our largest trips, events, and programs are nearly entirely ran by our Interns. Much is expected of our Interns, but the experience and lessons will last a lifetime. 


Leadership Talks

Over the years we have had many dynamic speakers including Billie Jean King, Gil Reyes, Brian Dewhurst, Rob Goldstein, and Jim Brown.


Us Open Leadership Retreat

Inspiring Children Foundation is a Sands Cares non-profit accelerator program. The award winning program uses project driven learning, entrepreneur skills, leadership development, mentoring and sports to arm children with a "psychology for life," so they are self-motivated/reliant  and successful. 

95% of graduates earn college scholarships for academics and athletics. The program has 103 children in colleges such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Georgetown, Wharton at UPENN, Villanova, Air Force Academy and more. 

Each fall the US OPEN LEADERSHIP RETREAT takes place to arm the foundation youth and alumni with the right mindset to maintain their best selves at college. The youth are exposed to leadership talks from some of the best minds. Past speakers include a US President, Senators, CEO's, Authors, Hall of Fame athletes and celebrities.