We have many different programs for children of all ages and tennis ability.

Our programs are tiered. For example, if you start in the free clinics and you exemplify the right attitude and the proper work effort, then you may be pulled up into the Leadership Program, and then maybe even the Internship Program. No-one is ordained an intern, they have to work for it. That is the essence of all of our programs-you earn your opportunity.


The Internship Program

This is our highest level program. It is a year long program which focuses on mentoring, education, and tennis. You must earn the privilege to join. It is elite. Its focus is on preparing its members for life as an adult so they can thrive in whatever setting they find themselves in the future. For more information on the Internship Program please click here.

The Leadership Program

This is our second highest level program. Everyone in it earns their stay through commitment and hard work. It combines tennis with a high focus on mentoring and education. Many of our most special events and trips are only available to members of the Leadership Program. For more information on the Leadership Program please click here.


Tuesday/Friday Clinic

This is the next step after the free Sunday clinic. It is on the path to the Leadership clinic and shows you are putting the work in to excel.

It runs every Tuesday and Friday at Lorenzi Park from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.

Sunday Free Clinic

The Sunday Free Clinic is the beginning phase to our program. It runs every Sunday at 9am to 11am at Lorenzi park.

Elementary School Program