Thank you Notes

Chloe Henderson Thank you Letter

Dear Ryan, 

Well, where do I start? Firstly, thank you so much for inviting me on the trip to Palm Springs. This trip was something that I will never forget. It is because of the following reasons. 

Well, not only have I learned what to do, tennis-wise, when it rains (run, exercise, stretch, etc:) I have also become more fit, got to know people that I didn't even know existed, I learned better leadership and responsibility skills, I now have better mind-calming and psychological skills (To my surprise, I have actually tried to calm my mind recently. For example, when it was Christmas Eve, my mom had to go get stitches at around 12 o'clock because she fell on her chin while dancing. I was very worried about her and started crying in my bathroom. It was in there that I closed my eyes and tried to do what we did at the small waterfalls in Palm Springs. Although I didn't completely stop worrying, I stopped crying and went downstairs and stopped sulking. This made that night less stressful and helped me stop being a negative Nelly.) And finally, the most important thing that I have got out of the Palm Springs trip is the experience. This was the first time that I have been away from home alone so I was scared and nervous. But now I'm not as scared if I were to leave home again. And just being in a 5 star hotel is an amazing experience alone, but in addition to that I was on a tennis trip with many new people. 

I really enjoyed the Palm Springs trip and hope that in the future I will have an opportunity like it. I deeply appreciate everything that you and Hilary have done for us on this trip and for making my winter break A LOT more fun! Well I just want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts and compassion toward this trip and tennis overall. Well, thank you!

Chloe Henderson 


Aphrah Brokaw Thank you Letter

Dear Ryan,

Thank you for inviting me on the Palm Springs trip and also for getting me to go! My parents told me it would be a good experience and a way to get to know people in the Tennis Academy, but I really wasn't sure if I wanted or should go. A lot of these people have known each other for most of their lives and I thought I'd feel out of place; once I got there though, everyone was truly nice and inviting. I felt very included in everything from soccer to games at the end of the day in the hotel room, and I believe everyone else did too.

It was a wonderful experience for me to have to suck up some of my fears, go on the trip, talk in front of people, and spend a week with people I wasn't that comfortable with before the trip. I'm really glad I did this because I would have missed out on an experience that has changed a lot of people it seems. Hearing all the stories and seeing how emotional and touching it was for everyone was very insightful. I found it petrifying to have to go up and speak myself, but I felt accomplished afterwards and proud afterwords so thank you for that.

I've never been one to stay up late and slack in school, but your leadership talks truly do make sense. There is a right and wrong and you must learn to let the feelings go because they are capable of getting you in to a bundle of trouble. I've seen my peers get expelled from school for doing drugs, party, and just plain not come to school because they find it stupid! To me, those are just idiotic choices to make, but obviously people make them on a daily basis. It's refreshing to see and hear someone talking about ways to stay out of that troubled life and to hear stories of people who were able to switch directions in life.

If I don't go to Palm Springs or any other trip of yours again, I'm happy to have had the opportunity and was convinced to take the opportunity and go on this trip. I really do have to give you credit for getting me out of shell. Something I think I got a bit better at this week was public speaking which was something that I needed to gain confidence in. Also, I hope that I am more comfortable with getting to know new people now and I am less shy about it.

Thank you for all the lessons you taught us and the lessons the alumni taught as well. I hope that I'm able to carry some of these teachings with me. If I succeed in this, I believe they will make me a better person as I get older and learn more. I believe every experience you have will shape you as a person. It may be for the better or the worse depending on how you take it in, but I hope that I am able to become a good person who teaches others what I have learned.


-Aphrah Brokaw

Nikki Newell Thank you Letter


This trip was such an inspirational trip to have me realize I can do great things if I just stay focused and do what I know is right. The one night when the alumni and everyone was giving their speeches, I was thinking; I want to be standing up there, like the alumni, telling my story and being able to look back and see all the things that I accomplished. I learned a whole lot from that.
It was super fun getting to play on grass courts for the first time and to have that experience. The weather was great, I thought it was beautiful being in a different environment from Vegas, there was a lot of green which I really loved. I also learned that I need to practice relaxing and to not listen to my thoughts more. It was a great trip and I appreciate everything.

Nikki Newell

Kristen Newell Thank you Letter

Dear Ryan Wolfington,

I just wanted to thank you for giving me the amazing opportunity you gave me by letting me go on the Palm Springs trip. I feel like I can speak a little better in front of big crowds. I also feel like I have gotten to know everybody better. Everyone was sharing their story and I thought it was very inspiring. I am excited to see where I end up going to college and what I will be saying my biggest highlight is five or six years from now. I have also learned how to relax. When we would relax for even 5 to ten minutes, I felt like I had a little more energy. When we would stand by the waterfall and close our eyes, which also gave me some energy too.

One of the things I really liked about the Palm Springs trip is how everyone was so friendly. I have made friends from this trip. All of the alumni are really good to me but if I had to choose the person that has always been nice to me and has been a great person to everyone I would probably have to say Willie Sublette. He is very friendly and everybody knows Willie because he talks to everybody and is not rude to anyone. A lot of the alumni are very friendly but Willie is one of the first people I think of when I think of the alumni.

It was also great because I have talked to some people I have never talked to before. One of them is Sarah Toti. She started talking to me and Chloe Henderson at dinner one night. She was asking us about tennis and other things. She was also telling us about how she got the scholarship. I thought that was very good how she got the scholarship because of her personality and good attitude. I would like to be like her, how she has a really good personality and she is not shy and also how she has a great attitude on and off the tennis court. That is what I really like about her.
Going to Palm Springs was great because this was my first trip. I really have learned a lot about people and other stuff. We got to play on the grass court before we left to come back home. We got to relax and play some football and soccer. We got to communicate with people while we were at dinner and at the hotel. It was also very nice staying in a 5 star hotel. Some of us even went on a boat ride. There was even some fish you could see at the bottom. It was very nice. I thought it was also nice when we would run around the golf course and everything was so green. It looked really cool. We did a lot more stuff too. I hope I get to go on more trips because I really liked this trip. I appreciate it that you gave me an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much for everything.

Thank you,
Kristen Newell

John Qualls Thank you Letter


I am writing to thank you for everything you and the foundation have done for me this year. This past year has been a great learning experience for me, not only on the tennis court, but also with life. The countless trips and events I have attended this year, taught me more valuable information than I have ever learned in my entire life. Thanks to you, I have been able to play the game I love every day at an affordable cost. I greatly appreciate all the trips that I have attended, whether it be for a tournament, or for a vacation, the foundation has made it financially possible for me to go. If you hadn't convinced me to join the day academy last year, there would have been no chance for me to eventually play competitive college tennis. Thanks again for everything you have done for me.

I also wanted to talk to you about the Palm Springs trip. I don't think it would be wise for me to go because I am currently 30 assignments behind in school. I also have three B's, which is unheard of for me, and is really stressing me out. I have been behind since the start of the school year, and would like to spend the two weeks that I have off for winter break to catch up, and to raise my grades so that I won't have to stay up past midnight every weekday just to prevent more work from being added.

Thank you,
John Qualls

Greg Levitt Thank you Letter

Bryan Brothers Clinic 

Hello Ryan,

Thank you and the Hennessy Jr. Tennis Foundation very much for organizing the 
Tennis Clinic with David Macpherson last evening at the DTC. It was one of the 
very best events for kids that we have had in Las Vegas over the past three 
years that I have been involved in tennis.
David is an excellent coach, a great person and you and him did a great job with 
the Q & Q session. 
Thank you again for bringing a great event to Jr. Tennis players in Nevada.

Greg Levitt

(Dylan Levitt's Dad)

Sarah Lucas Thank you Letter

Dear Ryan,

I needed to take a moment and thank you, not only for the time, effort and energy you give into shaping us into the best versions of ourselves, but also for presenting us with opportunities of a lifetime such as the Santa Barbara trip.
I use trips such as this one to spend quality time with the team and to learn and grow in wisdom from the countless lessons we face on the trip. The things we realize, experience and learn enrich our lives in more ways than we notice initially. These lessons add to our individual stories and journeys and we take home memories that serve us well into our bright futures.
I want to thank you both for genuinely caring about each of us and mostly for not giving up on us when we're clowns.

I firmly believe that what I have achieved thus far in earning a college scholarship to Seattle University has been made possible for me because of the great spirits I surround myself with.
Now, I have a great story to tell of my accomplishments because I was able to do the right thing. A lot of times it's difficult to realize what one is capable of. When going after something great in your life, it's hard to stay on the right track and it's easy to fall in the trap of being unsure. Thank you for believing in me when I was unsure and showing me the way when I didn't know where to go. I'm not sure if you realize you both have done all this for me. I just wanted you to know that I'm always grateful!

Sarah Lucas

Patrick Kawka Thank you Letter

Dear Ryan,
I just wanted to thank you guys for all you have done for us. I really enjoyed the trip and I will take all of the things that I learn from you and incorporate it into my lifestyle to help me live a better and healthy life. I really appreciate all the advice that you give us. I feel as if my relationship with Erika is much better now and my relationship with my peers and the kids in the academy is doing great. You make me feel like a leader and by being a leader I have learned a lot. I have the confidence to give advice to the younger kids knowing that they will respect and listen to what I have to say to them. I now have the self security to go to college and be able to separate my self from the wrong and have the confidence to stand up for the right. I have the inspiration to become a better person and to be successful in my life and to help others learn the things that were taught to me through the great speakers I have been introduced to through the foundation. If it wasn't for your help I would be a mediocre person caught up in trying to be the "cool" kid at school failing all of my classes. I have learned most importantly to give back to those who have given to me. I will take this lesson with me into the future when I will become prosperous in my life. I want to make sure to give back to help kids that are just like me growing up and learning. Sometimes you guys give so much and never receive enough credit for what you do for us. I wanted to take the time to thank you guys for all the time you take out of your lives to help better us not only as tennis players, but as people. Thank you Ryan for your infinite considerations. 


Patrick Kawka

Mckay Novak Thank you Letter

Hi Ryan, since this is the new year, a resolution always follows it. My resolution this year is to be more thankful. Because of this, I feel it is absolutely necessary to display my gratitude for all that you and the Foundation do for me. Without the financial help concerning the Academy, Chinese lessons, countless trips, and private lessons, my brother and I could not continue playing tennis at the level that we are. However, the emotional and psychological help you constantly offer are incomparable to anything else. Although I am not the easiest person to deal with, you take my faults in stride and use them to improve my personality and life. I realize that I make your life extremely difficult and protest when you single me out. I am sorry for not comprehending that you simply want to hold me to a higher standard. For this i can never thank you enough! Once again, I am so thankful for your invaluable financial and mental help.


-McKay Novak