College Begins

Sara Alebegovic

So I had a really cool moment tonight. I was going though my Facebook posts and I came across our God’s Plan music video that I had shared on my page some time ago. I started watching it and just started crying out of pure gratefulness and joy. I felt the emotions so strongly that I needed to write it done in this note. The video reminded me of all the amazing moments I had while I was an intern. The 2018 BNP trip has been my favorite event/trip I’ve been on with the foundation; that’s why it sparked so much emotion in me. It was my first trip as an intern and it was the first time I became closer to everyone and where I got a clear picture of what the internship actually is. Only now can I say I truly understand and feel what it has done for me. It’s far greater than booking hotel rooms and cold calling people! It’s so powerful that it makes me cry. I came into the internship with a solid base; I was confident and I had already learned how to deal with myself and my thoughts. The fact that I came in pretty strong always led me to think that I couldn’t get that much out of the internship other than an incredible group of peers to bond and interact with. But what I got was much bigger and more meaningful than that. I met people like Trent, Max, Jade, Erin, Ricky, and... well... I could basically just list out everyone, but you get the point! I was placed out of my comfort zone almost all the time and it has allowed me to grow in a way that is only possible through actually putting yourself through those real-life situations. I found and developed passions I never knew I had. I’m also very grateful that I was open minded and brave enough to join this group, be myself, and give all I had. The internship was the best possible last step in completing my journey as a ‘lost’ high school student trying to ‘find herself.’ I wasn’t desperately lost, though. I was just trying to find out where my strengths and weaknesses lie; that doesn’t sound like a big deal but some people spend a lifetime doing mediocre things because they never knew what they were capable of and what they were better off not doing. I can say I found myself and I thank you for creating this organization that allows anyone, whether they are struggling or thriving, to become even better and truly teach them how to always be the best versions of themselves. I am SO excited to be starting this new chapter of my life and I’m SO ready to slap college in the face!