ITA Winter Masters Results!

Congratulations to all of our players that placed in the top 6 of the ITA Winter Masters Sectional Championships!  The Winter Masters ran from January 16-20, 2015, in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

B12 Chase Kasday, 4th; Rua Elmore 5th
G14 Kenadee Semenil, Finalist; Madison Moffat 6th
B14 Michael Pasimio, Champion; Blake Kasday, 3rd; 
Michael Safbom 4th. 
B16 Dylan Levitt, Champion; Noah Dufort 3rd; Stefan Lalovic 4th
G16 Audrey s. Boch-Collins Finalist; Sophie Henderson, 5th
G18 Samantha Martinelli, Champion; Nicole Kalhorn 3rd
B18 Clayton Alenik, 3rd 

B12 Chase Kasday-Hartman, Finalists; 
G14 Kenadee Semenik-Turner Finalists; Selena Williams- Wilson Semi-Finalists
B14 Michael Pasimio-Bottcelli Finalists; Blake Kasday-Lemolov Semi-Finalists
G16 Sophie Henderson- Del Rosario Finalists; 
B16 Dylan Levitt-Hillis, Champions
G18 Samantha Martinelli-Nicole Kalhorn, Champions: Chelsea Crovetti-Carlton, Finalists
B18 Clayton Alenik- MikoPasimio, Semi-Finalists