Thank you Letter for JW Marriot Speaker

The meeting today was amazing. The speaker really knew what he was talking about. He said all of the usual things that speakers say but he had two points that really caught my attention. The first point that peaked my interest was, the importance of a rest period. I had heard it before, but today I really understood the importance of it. The second point is in my opinion the best thing that I have ever heard a speaker say. His point originated out of Hadrien's question about timing. He said that you have to create your own timing to achiever your goal, and that waiting for the perfect time leaves you out of control. If you wait for the perfect time you never know how long it might take for your time to come, if it ever comes. If you want to achieve your goal you have to create an opening for it, you can't just wait for it to miraculously open. Along with these two point he had many other great points like success is never final and you must achieve a certain balance in your life. He is my favorite speaker so far. I really absorbed everything he said today.