Patrick Kawka Thank you Letter

Dear Ryan,

I would really like to thank you for inviting me on one of the most inspiring trips I have ever been on. It reminded me a lot about the East Coast Leadership Tour but it just so happened to be on the West Coast. I really enjoyed the calm jogs in the rain even when it got a little cold outside. Palm Springs is such a wonderful place to be in general, but it only gets better when I am able to be with all of the kids and my friends, brothers, and of course you guys. The trip was an incredible learning experience and I feel like I have become a much better leader because of it. I love being one of the kids that the little ones can look up to and it is a great feeling to watch them succeed. The entire trip was sensational but I feel that the group "confessional" in our room has to be a defining moment in my life. Watching the kids open up wounds that they thought have healed by admitting to their bad behavior was a moment of awe. I would love to do that again and I feel I will have more to say. I tried to keep my story on the happier side of things with all of the emotions already spilled upon the floor. Thank you once again for a great trip. I can't wait until next year. 

Patrick Kawka