Nikki Newell Thank you Letter

Thank you so much for last nights bowling. It was super fun and I appreciate everything you guys do for me. I will make sure and stay focused on doing what I need to do to be successful in life. I've learned so many key things that can help me in my life from all the helpful and inspiring words that you two have said to me. I have learned how important grades are for instance, like my GPA is super important and to study for the SAT. 

Another example, is not getting distracted and not believing the lies that my mind tells me about how something that is a distraction from school or tennis looks fun, when only it would just effect me in a negative way. I really want to be successful and go to the best college possible for me, and I want to thank Ryan, and the Marty Hennessy Foundation for inspiring me in so many ways.

-Nikki Newell