Erika Mauban Thank you Letter

Dear Ryan ,

I'm sorry that it took so long to send this letter. The first time I sent it to the wrong address and when i resent it, somehow did not go through. Anyhow better late than never.
Thank you for inviting me to attend the Palm Springs trip. I truly appreciate the opportunity to get to know great leaders and hear their bildungsroman-like life stories, as well as begin to create my own personal journey.

During the past year I have undergone an immense change. I feel as if I am a completely different person. As I am sure you remember, during the 2009 trip, I was somewhat shallow and did not completely comprehend your ways. I now understand that that trip showcased my era of ?teenage rebellion? and immaturity. Although I still have my flaws, leadership opportunities offered to me within the past year, especially during the 2010 Palm Springs trip, have taught me to mature.
I remember that a year ago I repeatedly said that regrets are not regrets if something was learned. However, now I understand that it is okay, even mature, to feel regret because then one is aware that he/she was in the wrong. The difference between last year's firepit and this year's ?firepit,? is like night and day. Last year I felt guarded and insecure, while this year I learned to embrace my emotions and show my true personality.

Furthermore, when we were gathered in the conference room to list our strengths and weaknesses, I felt as if I knew myself better. I learned to channel my strengths to benefit me and minimize my weaknesses. For me, the highlight of the trip was when you told me that I was born with the special strength to lead. Although I know obstacles will come in my way and some will try to discourage me, I will definitely hone in on my strengths in order to become a better, more mature person.
Once again, thank you for allowing me to attend this trip.

Erika Mauban