Mckay Novak Thank you Letter

Hi Ryan, since this is the new year, a resolution always follows it. My resolution this year is to be more thankful. Because of this, I feel it is absolutely necessary to display my gratitude for all that you and the Foundation do for me. Without the financial help concerning the Academy, Chinese lessons, countless trips, and private lessons, my brother and I could not continue playing tennis at the level that we are. However, the emotional and psychological help you constantly offer are incomparable to anything else. Although I am not the easiest person to deal with, you take my faults in stride and use them to improve my personality and life. I realize that I make your life extremely difficult and protest when you single me out. I am sorry for not comprehending that you simply want to hold me to a higher standard. For this i can never thank you enough! Once again, I am so thankful for your invaluable financial and mental help.

-McKay Novak