Max Novak Thank you Letter

Dear Ryan,

Thank You for everything you have done for me throughout the years. You helped me get out of the dating scene when the only thing it could possibly bring me is disaster. I couldn't see that though because I was listening to the lie, and I was listening to the lie because I am too immature to handle such a big responsibility. That right there is just an extremely useful piece of information that I learned from you that will help me in the years to come. I am also thankful for all the trips that I get to go on because of you and the foundation. Examples of these trips are Palm Springs and the East Coast Trip, trips that I could not even dream of going on if it wasn't for you. This last year was amazing for me, I saw and did things that will shape me as a person and change my life for a long time to come and this is all thanks to you. I’m just letting you know how much I appreciate you and everything you do for me. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Max Novak