Mentoring children's character is our primary focus. We try to inspire lives using tennis as a vehicle to teach principles of Our Philosophy and other principles of life like being a leader, letting go of anger and worry, dealing with pressure, welcoming adversity, gaining confidence, and maximizing your opportunities.


Out mentoring program is a continuous effort and works through all seven levels of our program. Everyone in our program is a potential mentor. Often times the most important mentoring comes from one child to another.

Along with that we plan many events, including Leadership Breakfasts, and positive social life events, in which our children can learn from people that have been there before. Our Leadership Breakfasts have brought in lawyers, doctors, CEOs, Senators, and even a former President to tell their story and answer the children's questions.

We also conduct daily outing, dinners, and conversations with children to help them work through their problems to instill understanding. This includes drug and alcohol, family relationships, and mental toughness counseling.