Community Partners

Thank you to all of our community partners! We would not be where we are today without your loyal and invaluable support! 

  • Marquis Aurbach and Coffing

  • Venetian Resort

  • Vegas Magazine

  • Club Sport

  • Las Vegas Academy

  • TAO Group

  • Wolfington Family Foundation

  • Lincy Foundation

  • Level 5 & Tier 10

  • Harry Winston

  • Dartfish

  • Great Harvest Bread Co.

  • Lorenzi Park

  • Andre Agassi

  • North Las Vegas Community Tennis Association

  • Rafael Rivera Community Center

  • IMG Bollettieri Academy

  • Inside Tennis Magazine

  • Furguson & Associates

  • Luxury Las Vegas Magazine

  • Boys and Girls Club


Hilton Lake Las Vegas

Thank you Hilton Lake Las Vegas for your critical support!

Hilton Lake Las Vegas has been generously providing us with event space and discounted room rates for more years. Without Hilton Lake Las Vegas many of our annual leadership retreats and weekend events would not be possible.

The Hilton Lake Las Vegas, formerly a Ritz-Carlton is located in a picturesque setting on the edge of Lake Las Vegas. This finely appointed desert oasis has beautiful rooms and amenities, and is the perfect option for a weekend getaway or for hosting a high-end event. For more information on the Hilton Lake Las Vegas, please visit its website here.

Thank you again Hilton Lake Las Vegas!


No Quit Tennis Academy

Thank you No Quit Tennis Academy for your longstanding and invaluable support!

No Quit logo_white.JPG

No Quit has been generously providing our players with the highest level tennis training and coaching for years. Without No Quit none of our players would be the tennis stand outs they are today.

The No Quit Tennis Academy is a high-performance junior tennis academy operated by Tim Blenkiron. Coach Blenkiron, a former Division One NCAA champion, has coached players at all levels of the sport. His high energy, infectious personality, has resulted in countless local, regional, and national championships, and college scholarships for his junior players. No Quit is dedicated to providing its junior players with the highest level of coaching, physical training, and mental training so they can accomplish their goals on the tennis court.

For more information on No Quit, please visit its website at

Thank you again Tim and No Quit!



2400 Expert: Perfect SAT Prep

Thank you 2400 Expert for your critical support!


2400 Expert has been helping our children achieve their academic goals, giving them the possibility to attend schools that they never thought they could.

2400 Expert was founded by Shaan Patel. Shaan earned a perfect 2400 on his SAT. But his story was not one of innate genius, much like the youth in our program, he worked for it. Shaan grew up in a small motel, attended urban public schools, and was clueless about college applications and standardized tests. In fact, he only scored 1760 points on his first practice SAT. His 640-point improvement came through focused preparation. He learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to prepare for the SAT. And now he shares his secrets with his students through his SAT 2400 Prep Course in Las Vegas, and worldwide via his online Veritas Prep SAT 2400.

For more information on 2400 Expert, please visit its website at

Thank you again Shaan and 2400 Expert!



Granello Bakery

Thank You Granello Bakery for your generous and priceless support!

Granello Logo.jpg

Granello Bakery has been with us since our inception. Laurie Steed, President of Granello Bakery, is one of our most dedicated and longstanding supporters. She has been providing our children with packed lunches and food during trips and tournaments for nearly ten years.

Granello Bakery has been providing freshly baked products to every major casino, specialty grocery chains, coffee houses, and the finest eating establishments in the Las Vegas area, in addition to servicing select national customers with a frozen product assortment since 1996. Its bakery combines a unique blend of old world artisan bread-making traditions with modern technology to create bread rich in flavors and textures which virtually guarantees product consistency. 

For more information on Granello Bakery, please visit their website at

Thank you again Laurie and Granello Bakery!



Snell and Wilmer LLP

Thank you Snell and Wilmer for your support!

Snell and Wilmer has been a very generous supporter of us for many years. The firm, one of the finest in Las Vegas, is truly dedicated to the community, as are many of its attorneys, especially its partner Neal Tomlinson who has been backing us since the beginning. 

Snell & Wilmer Logo.gif

Founded in 1938, Snell & Wilmer is a full-service business law firm with more than 400 attorneys practicing in nine locations throughout the western United States and in Mexico, including Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; Los Angeles and Orange County, California; Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Los Cabos, Mexico.

For more information on Snell and Wilmer, please visit its website at

Thank you again Neal and Snell and Wilmer!



Pasta Shop Ristorante

Thank you Pasta Shop Ristorante for your priceless and longstanding support!

The Pasta Shop Ristorante has been selflessly providing our children with healthy and delicious Italian meals for many years. David Alenik, former personal chef to Steve Wynn and Frank Sinatra, and owner of the Pasta Shop Ristorante, has been a dedicated supporter of our cause lending a helping hand whenever possible.

The Pasta Shop Ristorante has been serving the Las Vegas community since 1989. It functions as a gourmet Italian restaurant, wholesale pasta distributor to several of the world famous Las Vegas casinos, and a contemporary art gallery. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the Pasta Shop.

For more information on the Pasta Shop Ristorante, please visit its website at 

Thank you again David and the Pasta Shop Ristorante!




Thank You Marriott for your generous and invaluable support!


Marriott has been providing us with accommodations for many years. Wherever we go, whether a tournament or a leadership event, Marriott has been there for us.

Marriott International, Inc. is a leading hospitality company with more than 3,800 properties, 19 hotel brands, and associates at more than 3,800 managed and franchised properties around the world. 

For more information on Marriott, please visit its website at

Thank you again Marriott!



Odyssey Charter Schools

Thank you Odyssey Charter Schools for your support!

Odyssey Charter Schools have been educating our home school program children for many years. They have helped prepare our children for college and inspired them to take on a more active approach to learning in their daily lives.


Odyssey Charter Schools offer a unique alternative for students who have specific interests or requirements that preclude enrollment in traditional school in the state of Nevada. Charter schools provide a stimulating educational experience for these exceptional students. 

For more information on Odyssey Charter Schools, please visit its website at

Thank you again Odyssey Charter Schools!



Tennis Warehouse

Thank you Tennis Warehouse for your support!


Tennis Warehouse has aided us for many years, acting as our outlet for our tennis supplies and gear.

Tennis Warehouse is a one stop shop for all your tennis needs. It has the latest, rackets, strings, shoes, clothing, and everything else tennis. Its prices are second to none and its customer service will keep you coming back.

For more information on Tennis Warehouse, please visit its website at

Thank you again Tennis Warehouse!



Brenden Theatres

Thank you Brenden Theatres for your Longstanding Support!

Brenden Theatres has been generously providing us with the opportunity to provide our youth positive social life events in mass for many years.


Brenden Theatres; IMAX® at the Palms has received numerous recognitions including the Las Vegas Review-Journal Best of Las Vegas "Best Movie Theatre" award in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005; Las Vegas Weekly Reader's Choice Award 2003; Las Vegas Citylife Best of the Valley 2003 and 2004; and the Las Vegas Film Critics Society award for Best Movie Theatre in 2003. 

For more information on Brenden Theatres, please visit its website at

Thank you again Brenden Theatres!



The City of Las Vegas

Thank you the City of Las Vegas for your invaluable support!

city of las vegas.jpg

The City of Las Vegas and its Mayor Carolyn Goodman has been fully behind us for many years. Their support has helped us grow our programs and expand our reach.

For more information on the City of Las Vegas, please visit its website at

Thank you again the City of Las Vegas and Mayor Carolyn Goodman!



S.P.O.R.T.S. Therapy Las Vegas

Thank you S.P.O.R.T.S. Therapy Las Vegas for your longstanding and priceless support!

S.P.O.R.T.S. Therapy Las Vegas has been supporting us for many years. Scott Pensivy, its founder, has generously aided our youth and nursed them back to full health on numerous occasions through his world renowned rehabilitation methods. 


S.P.O.R.T.S. Therapy Las Vegas is an outpatient physical therapy company that has been in the Las Vegas valley for over 10 years. Scott Pensivy PT, LAT, ATC, the founder and CEO of S.P.O.R.T.S., has been the owner of an outpatient physical therapy setting for the past 25 years. Scott’s vision was to create a quality physical therapy business in which each patient is treated as an individual. 

For more information on S.P.O.R.T.S. Therapy Las Vegas, please visit its website at

Thank you again Scott and S.P.O.R.T.S. Therapy Las Vegas!



Taylor Family Foundation

Thank you Taylor Family Foundation for your invaluable support!

The Taylor Family Foundation operated by Jeff and Rashae Taylor have been supporting us for many years. 



Marquis Aurbach Coffing

Thank you Marquis Aurbach Coffing for your longstanding support!

Marquis Aurbach Coffing has been long a time supporter of us, and has greatly helped us in spreading our message and expanding our impact.


Founded in 1979, Marquis Aurbach Coffing (“MAC”) is an AV-rated, full-service law firm whose focus is on understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of its clients in a prompt, professional and personal manner. 

For more information on Marquis Aurbach Coffing, please visit its website at

Thank you again Marquis Aurbach Coffing!


Venetian Resort

Thank you Venetian Resort for all your support!


The Venetian Resort and Las Vegas Sands has been a longtime supporter. Not only have they supported us monetarily, but they have also donated venues and services in years past.

The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino is one of the Las Vegas Strip's premier properties. For more information on the Venetian please visit their website at

Thank you again Venetian Resort!



Vegas Magazine


Thank you Vegas Magazine for your critical support!

Vegas Magazine has helped us in a variety of ways over the years, but especially with advertising and event promotion.

Vegas Magazine is a high end publication dedicated to covering many of the finer things that Las Vegas has to offer. For more information on Vegas Magazine please visit its website at

Thank you again Vegas Magazine!




Las Vegas Academy

Thank you Las Vegas Academy!

Las Vegas Academy has always joined and supported us in our mission of providing children a different and better education.

Las Vegas Academy located in downtown Las Vegas is a high school dedicated to the performing arts with a specialized curriculum and storied tradition. For more information on Las Vegas Academy, please visit its website at

Thank you again Las Vegas Academy!


TAO Group

Thank you TAO Group for your invaluable support over the years!

TAO Group and its founding partner, Jason Strauss, who serves on our Advisory Board, has always provided us with support including access to his beautiful Las Vegas venues -Tao, Lavo, and Marquee - for events. This has provided our children to see a level of hospitality and service which they would not encounter anywhere else.

TAO Group is a premier nightlife brand, operating properties in Las Vegas, New York, and Sydney. Their portfolio of properties includes the trendiest nightclubs, dayclubs, lounges, and restaurants in the country. For more information on TAO Group please visit its website at

Thank you again TAO Group!



Wolfington Family Foundation



Lincy Foundation according to this it does not exist anymore. check out.



Level 5 and Tier 10

Thank you Level 5 and Tier 10 for your longstanding and invaluable support!

Level 5 and Tier 10 are marketing companies founded by our Advisory Board member Sean Wolfington, and they have always supported us.

Level 5 and Tier 10 are award winning brand management and marketing agencies which work with Fortune 500 companies to improve their advertising campaigns and positioning. For more information on Level 5, please visit its website at For more information on Tier 10, please visit its website at

Thank you again Level 5 and Tier 10!



Harry Winston

Thank you for the crucial support Harry Winston!

Harry Winston has always supported our silent and live auctions with beautiful pieces of jewelry over the years.

Harry Winston has been one of the world's finest jewelers for over 80 years. For more information on Harry Winston and its Las Vegas property located inside the Crystals Shops at City Center, please visit its website at

Thank you again Harry Winston!




Thank you for the support Dartfish!

Dartfish has been a long time supporter, lending a helping hand whenever possible, and sponsoring many of our events.

Dartfish is the top video analytic software and is often used to analyze swings and other aspects of tennis. For more information on Dartfish, please visit its website at

Thank you again Dartfish!



Great Harvest Bread Co.

Thank you for the support Great Harvest Bread Co.!

Great Harvest Bread Co. has been supporting us and our stance on better nutrition for many years.

Great Harvest Bread Co. located in Las Vegas is dedicated to serving the freshest breads found anywhere. Its dedication to its craft and philanthropy is inspiring. For more information on Great Harvest Bread Co., please visit its website at

Thank you again Great Harvest Bread Co.!



Lorenzi Park

Thank you Lorenzi Park for always supporting us!

Lorenzi Park, located in northwest Las Vegas, has been a home away from home for our youth for many years and is where they train, play other sports, do their homework, and often just hangout. Now, it is also home to our main office.

Lorenzi Park is a staple of the Las Vegas community. It is a beautiful park with tennis courts, basketball courts, softball fields, and many picnic areas. For more information on Lorenzi Park, please go here.

Thank you again Lorenzi Park!



Andre Agassi